Monny Mutchler-Lee's Family Pictures

Surnames beginning with M

Last NameFirst NameBirth YearDeath YearPicture Title
MartinCecil Edward19011975Rebecca (Scoper) Martin & her children, c1970
MartinClinton W.19091981Rebecca (Scoper) Martin & her children, c1970
MartinHayes F.19131981Rebecca (Scoper) Martin & her children, c1970
MartinJames Monroe (Sr.)19061971Rebecca (Scoper) Martin & her children, c1970
MartinJames Monroe (Sr.)19061971Martin, James Monroe (Sr.) (1906 - 1971)
MartinJames Monroe (Sr.)19061971Martin, James Monroe (Sr.) (1906 - 1971)
MartinMabel Louise19021997Rebecca (Scoper) Martin & her children, c1970
MartinWillardN/A1989Rebecca (Scoper) Martin & her children, c1970
MitchellEllen Louisa18751960Marriage Certificate - Jesse James Lee & Ellen Louisa Mitchell
MitchellJohn M.17981874Gravestone of John M. Mitchell - Cedar Grove Cem., Pearl River Co., Mississippi
MitchellSarah Angeline18811962Lee, Daniel Francis (1876 - 1964) | Mitchell, Sarah Angeline (1881 - 1962)
MitchellSarah Angeline18811962Marriage Certificate of Daniel Francis Lee & Sarah Angeline Mitchell

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